This week David Guetta got his panties in a right bunch! Whereas Four Tet was in the studio making great tunes, Deetron was rocking crowds in Ibiza and Jimpster was busy working on his regular podcast to put out to his adoring fans – the DJs of the world were hard at work. Not David Guetta though. David wasn’t worrying about making music this week. When he wasn’t on the phone to his attorney in Paris arranging for them to chase after comedy writers, he was on Twitter venting his anger over our satirical article. The French seem to have left their sense of humour backstage in make-up.

Last week here at Wunderground, we posted another of our parody articles on popular DJs, this time joking that David Guetta had chorophobia, which is the irrational fear of dancing. People with chorophobia are afraid to dance, afraid of other people dancing, can’t bear to look at people dancing, and generally just want to be miles from anywhere dancing might take place. Believable much? We didn’t think so either.

The article was absurd from start to finish, and was obviously a parody, not based in reality. Even so, Goldilocks Guetta seemed to completely miss the point. He soon took to twitter


Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 02.31.27


Within hours we had heard from Guetta’s attorney in Paris, who issued us with a first summons and take-down request, claiming that the facts contained in the article “are totally non-existent and a pure lie.” No shit sherlock! Somebody better call Mr. Hanky and tell him there is no such thing as a Christmas poo.
Screen-Shot-2013-08-02-at-04.02.45 Screen-Shot-2013-08-02-at-04.03.00


I have to say, I was quite flattered that our first cease and desist was from one of the world’s biggest current cheeseballs. Even so, we politely declined and refused to remove the article. And yes, I do normally know how to spell “letter”…



Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 03.23.04

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 03.23.13

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 03.23.25


And so we wait with baited breath for his next move. David is in town this weekend for his Oxegen performance so we are hoping we get a knock on the door only to see the Frenchman come sailing into the office riding on Nicky Minaj’s back with a jousting stick in his hand screaming “Its on now le’muthfucka!”

He needs to Guetta life and we need to Guetta lawyer! We’ll keep you updated as this courtroom drama unfolds.

  • Fadi Derbali

    I Salute you Micheal Maguire, congratulations :D

  • Justin Loranger

    “Its on now le’muthfucka!”

  • John Subsekt

    Missed out on saying something about “Fuck Me I’m Famous”.. He knows that he’s famous & expects AND wants to be fucked.


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  • Alan Howard

    Get Judge Jules to file a counter claim and take it all the way to the top!

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  • Ali Mac

    Great response. Just when you thought this clown couldn’t become any more of a parody. How can he take himself so seriously when he’s churning out that incessant drivel is quite beyond human comprehension.

    Bravo sir on the retort, keep us posted on what (if anything) followers. The lawyer must surely be embarrassed!

  • Brian O’Byrne

    Excellent post. What an idiot. Cant wait for the next letter!

  • Todd Rimes

    What Wunderground needs to learn is that a joke isn’t “funny” if you have to *tell* people it’s a joke. I know several people who thought the Guetta article was real, so he’s completely within reason to bring a suit. Sorry, WG.

    • Oisin Kablamo

      I think thats what makes it twice as funny.

    • Hannah Davies

      I showed this article to an 11-year old, who instantly spotted it was satirical, or as she put it, “funny made-up news, like the Daily Mash”. I think you need to find some more intelligent friends..!

    • Paul Hannon
    • beelzecub

      Please tell me that you too, are a satirist? Wunderground only had to tell Guetta and his lawyer that it was a joke, mostly, everyone else kinda got it. I’d be mortified if even ONE person I knew thought the article was anything but a huge (and funny) pisstake so I have to admire your balls for admitting to several.

      Keep on truckin’…